What is

Coaching for Effective Leadership
What is Coaching?

Coaching for effective leadership is a confidential professional relationship designed to assist and facilitate an educational leader to accomplish breakthroughs to achieve goals and aspirations that are beyond the norm. There are many different schools of coaching. As Principal Coach, I hope to:

• draw out your creativity and intelligence.
• promote your recognition of and confidence in your own aspirations and capabilities so that you can create new and inspiring goals and solutions.
• be a “thinking partner” with you, more than an “advice-giver”.
• help you think clearly, by holding conversations you would have thought impossible to have.
• help you take new actions that produce surprising and effective results..

Ways to Use Your Coach

For many people, using a coach is a new experience and, as with anything new, it can take a little
getting used to. Here are some ways to use your coach:

Clarify What You Want – dream out loud about the things that you have wanted to have, to do and to be and then take a look at how important these goals really are for you.
Practice Holding Important Conversations – Nearly all work takes place in conversation. When the work is challenging, often conversations are difficult. You can say things to your coach that you may not feel comfortable saying to anyone else. You can use your coach to try out new or difficult conversations that you want to hold with someone and to improve the quality and effectiveness of your communication.
Plan With Your Coach – Work with your coach to create a habit of regularly planning how to use your time to accomplish what you want both professionally and personally, taking special care to avoid sacrificing what is important to you in any domain of life.
Change a Habit – Certain behaviors can get in the way of our effectiveness. You can use your coach to identify the behavior or pattern that you want to change, to create a new approach and to develop a process that will make this approach your new habit.
Make and Keep Promises – Some of us are great at keeping promises to other people, and not as great at keeping them for ourselves. You can use your coach to practice making promises and to support you in taking the actions that will get you the results you want.
Debrief Challenging Experiences – Often in the course of work (and life in general) there are set-backs. In these times, it is helpful to have someone to debrief these experiences with someone who is skilled at listening and not trying to solve the problem for us.
Invent Your Own Way to Use a Coach – There is no “right” way to do this, only ways that have been effective in my experience. I encourage you to think up new ways to have your coaching relationship be most effective for you. *

* Excerpt from Round Rock Independent School District - Coaching for Effective Leadership